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Welcome to my brand new web site - - my name is Kelly Anderson, check out all my hot movies.
Kelly's Bio

  • Hair/Blonde
  • Eyes/Green
  • Height/5'7
  • Weight/118
  • Boob Size/36C
  • Legs/Long and luscious
  • Shoe Size/7
  • Toes/small and cute
  • Arche/ very nice
  • Favorite Polish/Pink
  • Favorite Stockings/Fishnets
  • Favorite Shoes/Strappy Heels
  • * I love seducing men with mt feet
  • * I love giving footjobs
  • * I love cum on my feet

Hi, I'm Kelly Anderson! Some people know me from my other website, After running that website for three years and having the time of my life with it, I have decided to start this website, I plan to use this website to express my kinky foot and leg fetishes. I actually have a few fetishes but feet are my biggest. Since I was a young teen, I have always enjoyed turning men on with my feet. Back when I was a young girl, I use to see older men staring at my feet and I use to fantasize about having them sucking my toes or fucking my feet. My dad didn't allow me to dress provocatively in front of his friends but I always walked around barefoot with freshly pained toes because I would notice them staring at my feet and I liked the attention. They would all be out in the living room watching sports and I would grab a book and sit next to them on the couch and read with my bare feet kicked up on the ottoman so they could all stare at my little toes, lol. Sometimes, I use to even sit out there with them and paint my toes. I did the same stuff around my older brother's friends too. I guess I was just intrigued by the attention it drew.

As I got older, I began to dress my feet up even more by wearing toe rings and strappy shoes and high heels. I found that some men could be more attracted to a woman's feet than even her private body parts. I also started to become attracted to women's feet myself and that attraction led me to discover my bisexuality but that's a whole other chapter of my life, lol! I have met a lot of sexy girls since I started my first site and many of them have adorable feet that I want to share with my members. You will notice that a lot of my videos and photos feature these girls. I didn't want this site to have only videos of me, but other girls as well.

Now I'm a grown woman and am married to an absolute pervert who loves my feet and we do all kinds of fun stuff together. I give him foot jobs all the time and he loves covering my feet with his hot cum. Even when we fuck or I just suck his cock, he still likes to cum on my feet sometimes. That's what my website is all about. In my members area, you will find countless videos of My husband fucking my little feet and cumming all over them. A lot of our photos and videos start with sucking and fucking but my feet are still the main focus and they usually ended with my feet being splattered with a hot load of cum. My biggest fantasy is to get a bunch of guys together and have them all take turns fucking my feet and cumming all over them. The thought of having a bunch of horny guys crowded around my feet and jerking their cocks off all over my toes just turns me on so much. Now that I have started this site, I have a feeling that will be happening sooner than later, lol.

Well, I hope this bio gave you a good idea of how my fot fetish began. If you want to see my sexy feet in action, you can visit my members area and enjoy lots of photos and hours of video footage that give you an inside look into my personal life and my naughty little foot fetish. If you decide to join, you won't be dissapointed. Thanks for reading my bio! xoxoxo-Kelly